Spiritual strengthening comes to you now.

This strengthening flows to you directly from Divine Source. This strengthening is easy to receive through your 3rd eye. Though this energy may feel light (for it is Light), it is powerful and brings great strength with it. 

Open your 3rd eye to the Truth of who you are and the Truth of Divine Compassion. These Truths allow your 3rd eye to awaken and open more fully. So, define for yourself who you really are. Create an "I Am" statement that fits for you. I Am open; I Am kind; I Am awakening; I Am ascending or something similar. As you speak this to yourself, notice and become aware of Divine Compassion - The Love that exists beyond time and space and holds you in delight and tenderness.

This awareness of both self Truth and Divine Truth allows the flow of this Divine Compassion into your being. You may "see" it flow into you or "sense" it, or "know" it. Either way is what is right for you.

Our part in this process is to guide the flow so that you receive as much as you can receive as quickly as you can. Notice our presence here with you as you begin to receive this high resolution energy.

As this flows into you it brings clear energy of highest resolution and vibration to you. Notice it and allow it to be received by all parts of your being. As you do so, weakening thoughts, feelings, emotions, pains and disruptions are discarded and replaced with this clear energy. You will feel stronger and more aligned to your own power and to Divine Power. This strengthening will guide you in your next steps.

We walk with you, Dear One. We assist you in this process.