A few years ago I had an online radio show entitled Step Up. The theme of the show was stepping into your intuition and your spiritual awareness. I view our spiritual path as a gentle upward journey where we are better today than we were yesterday. Our choices are more spirit centered and Spirit Connected with each step.

Imagine my surprise when I’ve been led to step back and step away from a physical practice.

A few years ago, a health issue manifested itself in a big way. I found a list of supplements that slowly brought my health around through daily consumption. I was so glad to find these supplements and grateful for regaining a measure of health.

Recently, I found myself spiraling down health-wise again. I couldn’t seem to shake it and I couldn’t seem to get any better.

One day I was running late and “forgot” to take my supplements before I left the house. I planned on taking them as soon as I got home. Well, after getting home, I had several major distractions and missed taking those things all day. The next day, Phil noticed that I looked better. I didn’t really feel much better, but I did feel a bit better. Not connecting the dots yet, I took my supplements as usual that morning. Sure enough, I didn’t feel well again.

Several days later, I ran out the door without those supplements again and got distracted and missed another whole day without them. Sure as shootin’, I felt better again.

Phil notice again.

Could the supplements that saved my life be now causing me distress??!!??

How could this be?!?

Well, I just couldn’t believe it and resumed taking the supplements again. You guessed it . . . I felt badly again. Brain fog and severe fatigue.

Well. For cryin’ out loud. I must say I experienced a great deal of resistance at stepping back from utilizing those supplements. Until I realized that I’d been doing healings on myself for months now. I’d discovered or had been Spirit guided in some new visualizations that really seemed powerful.

Apparently so!

So, I have this drawer in the kitchen that is full of supplements. I might need this or that here and there, but for now, I can let go of having to take a handful of those things.

My heart vacillates between been grateful and resistant. I allow myself gratitude for the supplements that supported me for so long and blessed me along the way. At the same time I allow myself to be resistant in stepping away from them and grant myself peace as I ease out of their use. This in turn allows me gratitude for a new measure of health that no longer needs them.

So, too, I allow myself to step back and step away from friendships and relationships that no longer serve. Certainly, there may be friends that I couldn’t have gotten this far without, yet our paths no longer converge and I get to step away with gratitude. Gratitude for what we had and gratitude that I can move on.

I used to feel that way about soda pop. When I was experiencing an abusive situation and dire financial circumstances, I allowed myself one bottle of soda pop a week. I could nurse a bottle of cola for days. It would be flat, but it was my prop. It got me through. Long after I found safety and financial footing, I still clung to that pop. I could afford more than one a week, so I did. I felt such bliss with each sip. It wasn’t just the taste, it was the taste of freedom that it granted me.

Years later, I was able to step back and walk away from soda pop. Now every once in a while I might choose to have one. Doesn’t taste the same and I don’t get the same blissful feeling. I’ve stepped away from that emotional crutch. I can hold gratitude for how it got me through the difficult times, and hold even greater gratitude that I don’t put that stuff in my body very often. I am gratefully free to choose.

I had to step back first – notice it. See how it worked or didn’t work in my life. Then make a new choice and step away.

What might you be hanging on to? Does it really serve you now or do you feel attached by the memory of survival? Step back. Take a look. Notice how your life is different now. When you are ready, step away. Set yourself free.