Have You Met Yourself, Lately?

We had some technical difficulties with this Sunday's video and were unable to post the video on the website. However, you can still watch it on Facebook with a slight buzz in the audio. To go to the service click here ===> Sunday Service - October 9th.   

This week's guided meditation is Pillars of Light.  After you listen to the meditation come back here to read the the symbolic interpretation!

Pillars of Light Meditation.  Deep Jungle Excursion with a guide.

1. Refreshment = Your value to others

a. Fruit = Your kindness / words and actions bless others

b. Protein bar = Your strength encourages others

c. Other = Your integrity inspires others

2. Steps to the Sacred Place = How to take the next step in the adventure of your life

a. Stone slabs = Follow your strengths

b. Well-worn path = Follow your insights

c. Other – Review old patterns and try something new

3. Carved opening of the Sacred Place = What Spirit wants you to know and do to feel connected

a. Carved figures (people/animals) = Trust your inner knowing.  You know more than you think you do

b. Carved writing = Your words are healing to others.  Speak with grace and compassion

c. Other = Your sacred path is unfolding just as it needs to for now

4. The gift = Your blessing now

a. Gemstone = You are blessed with new insights, ideas and goals

b. Carved rock = You are blessed with new opportunities and experiences that matter

c. Other = You are blessed with renewed passion and hope