Paula Ramirez Prokopenko shares: The Power of Love.  The Affirmation is below this video.  

You can listen to the music on YouTube: I Call Back My Power by Lee Harris and Davor Bozic.

The Affirmation:
I AM I AM I AM --- God/Universe/Spirit, I open to love finding me and filling me on a daily basis --- I allow oneness to return to my daily life and fill my heart to illuminate my mind --- I am WORTHY, I am ENOUGH --- I am fully supported and one with God --- I can do all things through the God power that strengthens me --- I cast this burden of lack, doubt, and fear on the Christ within and I go free to be love and happiness!

I AM _____________________. (Fill in the blank with your choice of words.)
God/Universe/Spirit, I am open and ready for you to start conspiring in my favor to make my dreams come true. I request for a clear sign in my reality to come to me today. I am open, I am ready, thank you!

--- It is my divine right to be prosperous and wealthy in all aspect of my life --- Money/Health/Love/Happiness flows endlessly in my life. I am completely blessed --- Absolutely nothing can make me happier than I am right now ---