Primary Heavenly Directive for Happiness. Translating Mt 22:36- 40 - to A divine suggestion that brings us happiness and that happiness in action described in Romans 12:4-21. Includes guided meditation: The Four Gates.

The Four Gates Interpretation:

1. Gate = What is opening now 

  • a. Butterfly = My perspective now open 
  • b. Dragon = My intent and focus shift in a new way - in a new direction
  • c. Wave = My interest and creativity 
  • d. Angel = I receive a new guide or new, clear guidance arrives

2. View = Action to take

  • a. Farmland = plant new ideas 
  • b. Ancient City = clear the past with wisdom
  • c. Beach = open up and release resistance
  • d. Crystal Cave = Find unusual or hidden talents (return to past joys or try something new)

3. Cloud = Know this 

  • a. Dark = Time to dismiss disapproval - others and self 
  • b. white = I am good enough
  • c. Hole with light = Spiritual help coming through for me now
  • d. w/rainbow = I AM making a difference

4. Gift you leave = promise you make to yourself 

  • a. Pebble = I take one step at a time 
  • b. Flower = I open up
  • c. Jewel/crystal = I remember my worth
  • d. Handwritten note = I know my words hold great power.

5. Gift received = blessing 

  • a. Watering can = my tears water new growth 
  • b. Journal = my plan becomes clear
  • c. Sunglasses - I am protected and safe (and cool!)
  • d. Watch = I watch what others do - either do or don't follow, it is my choice. Being the sacred observer blesses me.

In reverse context:

As I (do #5) __________________________________, and remember (#4) __________________________________________, I know this (#3) _____________________________________________, So I can now (take this action -#2)_______________________________, Which allows me to now (open up to #1)____________________________.