Sometimes life sits in delay. Some of that delay is your own unwillingness to move forward out of fear or fretting about the outcome. Some of that delay happens because you are learning other lessons first. Some of that delay stems from non-supportive circumstances.

If you feel as if you'd like to move forward but also feel unable to move forward, know this… if the timing was supportive of you, there will be nothing holding you back! Not even your own fears could stop you!

Make peace with whatever delay you experience.

Focus instead upon your heart's delight. From a place of heart's delight, there is no blockage. When you remove the pressure of obligation (have to) or duty (must), you remove the blocks that hold you back.

Even challenging tasks become joyful. Even boring tasks merely fade into an activity when drudgery is released. You will discover those tasks take less time and effort to accomplish.

So, how do you acquire this state of being where time flows with you and inspiration guides you? Tap into an energy that is greater than your own.

How do you tap into that? Awareness takes you there. Just noticing that you are not alone in this Universe and noticing that you are connected to All That Is begins this tapping into process.

Imagine that you find an artesian well that produces a constant supply of water. More than you could ever use up. You can drink from this well and be refreshed. You could never drink it all. You could share this with everyone you know and there would still be more. An unlimited supply.

An unlimited supply of energy awaits you. Your physical form still has its limitations of how much energy it can receive, store and use. But your spirit can be renewed without any such limitation.

Your spirit fuels your journey. You think your body does. It does not! It is the vessel in which the spirit moves and experiences. You attempt to run your body into the ground with much doings. You attempt to run your heart into the ground by much fretting.

Step back a bit and notice this well-spring to which your spirit has access. As your spirit drinks from this ever-flowing well-spring, your body moves more easily through time and space - your emotions center and balance themselves into a support system for the journey - your mind clears and receives insight and inspiration. 

Step back, Dear One. Step back and drink from the Spirit's spring water. Allow yourself to be refreshed, renewed, and revitalized!  

Then walk into your life more fully. We walk with you in this.