Channels of light and energy open for you at this time. You may feel all blocked up, yet the doorways open. Your feeling self may not be able to notice nor comprehend this flow of energy. Not to worry. We will show you have to move beyond your feeling self and into your sensing self. The sensing self finds itself fully aware of this open channel and the flow of energy.

It is easy to confuse the feeling self with the sensing self since sometimes the senses reflect a common experience. However, the feeling self emanates from within and the sensing self utilizes and inward awareness to notice outside energies.

Let us say this again in a different way. One can feel sad because of an experience that generated sadness within the human form. One senses an experience with expansive awareness and "knows" the energy of the experience within their ring-true core of their self. Some people feel this ring-true in their heart-space. Some feel this ring-true in their guts. Some feel this ring-true in their mind. So, if a friend moves away and you feel sad, that's a feeling. Your sensing self, will recognize the sad, but will also notice that this move is the best thing for the friend - an opportunity for greatness and can also sense peace and joy within the feeling of sadness.

Your feelings may be telling you to worry or fret or stress. Yet, moving into expanded awareness, you may also be sensing the opening of this door and the flow of energy.

Allow us to assist you with this. Take a moment. Take a breath. Open your expanded awareness to "more" . . .

Did you feel that shift? Did you find yourself experiencing more that the negative feelings you HAD been feeling? This is the doorway experience! This is tapping into the flow!

The energy is here for you! The door is already open. The energy is already flowing to you! You access it effortlessly with a different part of your being than the feeling self. And when you do, your feeling self can experience this energy, too! It will give you the feedback you long to receive. Just don't look for the feedback first within your feeling self. It's not there.

Reach out with your expanded awareness and once you open in this way, you experience the open doorway and you receive this flow of energy and THEN you can feel it. Your feeling self will respond to this awakened awareness and you will feel uplifted, blessed, empowered, joyful and amazed!

Your feeling self may feel a tiny tingle or it may feel a flood of energy. Allow whatever you experience to be what you experience. Reach out with your expanded awareness again and again. The feeling feedback will get stronger and easier to perceive.

It is our delight to help you perceive this open door and the flow of energy. We continue to assist you in this.