As a New Year unfolds before you, we encourage you to release yesterday's disappointments and sorrows while claiming yesterday's insights and understandings. You can release and claim at the same time.

The old scaffolding of shame and fear can fall away effortlessly. The new scaffolding of insight and understanding can and will support your next steps.

Know that as you release, the Divine Source who is all Love and Light stands ready to catch this unwanted energy. With Love, this energy will be received and transmuted into love. . . that is what Love does. Love changes things.

What you might perceive as loss or sorrow or difficulty is divinely perceived as change and is received with tenderness. This tenderness shifts the energetic structure of old experiences and allows them to flow through time and away from you and your awareness.

You may be tempted to call these things back to your awareness to suffer over them again. This is not necessary, nor is it needful. You may choose to do that anyway. If you make that choice, you can again make the choice to give them to Divine Source - as many times as need be.

At the same time, as you claim new awarenesses and insights about those situations and experiences, Divine Source strengthens you and assist you in the next steps of your journey. This strengthening holds the same tenderness as carries the loss, sorrow, or difficulty.

This tender strengthening allows a greater strength to be bestowed. Strength of this nature holds great power. Power beyond and outside of force. It is tender strength whose call-sign is compassion. Compassion for one's self and for others.

This Divine Compassion becomes the operating system for your words and deeds. May you be blessed by this tender strengthening.

As always, we walk with you and honor you on your sacred path of ascension.