So, I did a silly thing.  I cleaned my side table next to my chair in the family room.  Okay, well, that’s not the silly thing.  It was ready to create an avalanche and send books and papers everywhere.  So, I went through each piece of paper and discarded some and filed others.  When I was done you could actually see the wooden top of the table.  It was wonderful to see that again!

Here’s the silly thing.  On the table was a book that I had been reading, but lost interest in.  I moved it somewhere.  I had forgotten that I’d placed an unused gift certificate in it as a bookmark.  Now I cannot find the book. And, alas, I cannot find the gift certificate I decided to use today.  Sheesh!

Not many places a book could be – I checked the bookshelf.  Two other books I was reading are there . . . . not this one.  By the bed?  Nope.  In the front room?  Nope.

So, I wait for it to reappear as these things do – eventually.  I’ll keep an eye out.  I’ve obviously placed it somewhere where it won’t get lost.  Often if I release it and let it go, it will magically appear and I’ll be so surprised to see it.

So it is with disappointments.  I thought I wanted that.  Then I didn’t.  No, wait!  I really did want that!  Not it’s not here.  It’s gone and I’m upset.

Yet, I can apply the same technique and let it go.  When the time is right and I’m ready for it a new and better situation/thing will appear. 

It’s hard to trust the process, because I feel I should be able to make it happen right now!!!  Praying about it and letting it go seems, well, not very proactive.  My should-er thinks I should do something!  When my heart knows it is blessed by waiting.

Wait feels like a 4-letter work.  Well, it is, but it need not be a curse.  I can let things take their own time.  That timing seems to be much better anyway.  The key is letting go with an open heart.  My want hangs on.  My open heart allows. 

I get to remind myself over and over to allow.  I’ll keep you posted.  Maybe I’ll find that book sooner rather than later.  We shall see.  I will allow the book to be where it is and allow myself space in which to reclaim it.   Even though I want it right now!

Allow is an art form unfolding with each new moment.  I hereby allow the book and gift certificate to reveal themselves to me in the time in which is right for me.