The steps you take today, place you upon an ascension path. You are ascending. Even when you feel as if you are going backwards, this is merely the perception of your mind looking at your growth from a physical/material perspective.

If you feel as if you are going backwards, this is keen insight! Keen insight is a step forward spiritually! This insight means you know more now than you did just a little while ago. Each moment you are aware places your foot higher on the ascension plane.

 We watch your ascension path and are honored to welcome you each step of the way.

Baby steps allow a baby to learn to walk. Spiritual baby steps allow you the opportunity to learn to exist spiritually while walking a physical course. The goal here is not perfection, but rather perception.

What do you perceive in this moment when you notice yourself? Do you perceive only the physical vehicle and its pain and discomfort of living? Do you perceive your goals and dreams? Do you perceive your growth and progress?

Noticing yourself in this way - rather than in discounting and condemning yourself - allows you to ascend further than before. This noticing is wisdom.

With this wisdom, you can reach goals that otherwise would be unreachable. With this wisdom, doors open to assist you that otherwise would be closed.

Notice this wisdom - notice how it feels. This is the feeling of ascension. Follow that feeling and watch the world unfold for you!