You have come a long way in your journey, have you not? 

Each day reveals more insights for you and you notice and receive the blessings of connections more often than not, true? Yet, you still seek more.

Wonderful! We have more to share with you! As you move further into the Sacred Observer, more can be seen and experienced by your awareness. Just noticing is a big part of the blessing you receive. The greater blessing is the changes that happen both to you and to your world as a result of your awareness expanding and noticing.

The actual vibration of your planet is shifting.

Certainly, you may feel as if things are primal and difficult right now. This and that are at odds with one another. This is part of the growing pains of your planet. The less you allow yourself to become ensnared into that, the easier it becomes for you and this allows ease to reach others as well.

Yes, we know that you want the ease to be easier and sooner. And yet, if you notice, the ease is already here. You are more easily joyful now that you used to be. You are more easily shifted into peace than you used to be. What you want is for others to be at ease so your ease can be more easily felt. Stay the course, Dear Ones. Stay the course. The ease is at hand.

So bring your attention to your hands. Your hands hold the power for change for you both physically and spiritually. The hands symbolize power. The hands utilize power for healing. The hands do the tasks that are "at hand" for you to do.

Now, notice your hands again. See the lines imbedded upon them. The lines in your hands are totally different than any other hand ever created. You have your own unique journey here on this planet. Certainly the lines have much in common with other people's hands, and yet, yours are totally different. Can you feel the energy flow along those lines?

These lines represent the flow of your life. These lines represent your unique journey and your unique gifts to the world. Can you feel the energy here? Notice your hands more intently and focus upon the palm. The energy builds here. The energy build here for you to use in which ever way you choose. What will you choose to do today?

Feeling helpless with surrounding energy not feeling at ease? Bring the energy of ease into your palms and send this energy out into the world. You may open your palms away from you or you may place them palms down upon a table. Open palms facing away sends the energy through the ethereal realms for all to access. Palms down sends the energy through the Earth itself for all to access. Which ever way you choose, this energy shifts the energy of the whole planet!!

To boost this energy, speak a power word phrase along with the sending of energy. Say, "Be at ease." or "Awaken." or "Love lights the way." or another word or phrase that fits for you. This blessing along with the energy forms a powerful energetic structure that seeking souls access and receive. What a beautiful gift!!

What you choose to do with this energy is unique to you and the lines in your own hand.

What do you wish to create? Send that energy and intent in this process.

The result will be an experience of profound proportions that you can and will feel immediately.

We join you in this process. We bless you in this process. You are the blessing in this process.