Through the darkness, a door opens into the Light.

There exist many doors . . . Doors of Light that bring one into the physical plane through birth. Doors of Light that bring one through trials and challenges. Doors of Light that bring one from the physical plane into the ethereal realms at the conclusion of life.

Each door seems foreboding. Each door a passageway into the unknown. You watch as others cross through these doorways as you welcome little ones as they birth their new existence. You observe others pass through trials and challenges you cannot hope to understand. You, yourself notice your own trials and challenges as doorways into the unknown. And in time, we witness the passing of loved ones as they transition through the doorway of physical into spiritual.

Are the doors dark and as foreboding as they seem? No. The change feels overwhelming. The darkness of not knowing tries to hide the Light from our awareness.

Though one may not know what lies beyond the doorway, one's faith fills the doorway with Light. The unseen cannot be seen, yet the Light of Love is visible! Sometimes the Light brightens the way so intensely that only the next step can be seen.

Honor your need to know. Honor your wish to understand. Honor your desire to be prepared. Yet, know that all the preparation in the world may not grant you the vision required to see your lighted path. Only eyes of Light may see what lies ahead. Only the enlightened heart-of-hearts can view the Light-flooded plain beyond the doorway.

How to navigate this Light-door and the Light-flooded plain? Awaken your senses to perceive Light on a new level. This new level of Light-viewing asks that you take your eyes off the darkness around you and view Divine Source and Divine Connection instead. You are called away from the darkness of fear and sorrow and into the Light-Path.

Your eyes shall become accustomed to this Light and your vision will sharpen. You will see how you can be of service rather than seeing the darkness. You will see others being of service and be blessed. You will see how to share your light rather than notice the shadows that may abide in the world. You will see others shining brightly and be blessed.

Certainly, sorrows remain. Fear exists. Yet your Light-flooded journey leads you into that space as a healer and one who blesses rather than the one who is lost.

Feeling lost? Look for the one's shining brightly. Their light brings you closer to The Light. The Light of Divine Connection awakens your inner light so that you shine brightly and darkness flees from you.

May you shine brightly as you bravely step through your next Door of Light. Your Faith Lights The Way.

We see your light and are blessed.