Your weary heart draws near to Divine Source for comfort. How very wise of you!

Your distressed eyes seek the Light of Love and the blessings it carries. How very brave of you.

Your saddened heart yearns for peace. How very awakened of you.

Your burdened mind searches for answers to very difficult questions. How very open of you.

It would be so much easier to shut down, close off, and hide away from life. But, instead, you are on your awakening path, your ascension path, your sacred path. Those tactics no longer work for you, do they? Oh, perhaps for a short time, yet, then, your awakened soul cannot bear it and must break free to seek, yearn, search, and draw near to Love.

 We await your decision. We await within the flow and the glow and behold you with great honor.                       

The results are immediate, are they not? Do you not instantly feel better? Do you not instantly experience hope and joy? Do you not immediately find ways to be of service and to change your world as best you can?

We honor you in this. We honor your choice of awakening over shutting down.

What you may not realize is this. . . when you choose awakening, you bring more light into this world. You open the gates of heaven and love streams - literally pours - down into this physical realm. Because of your choice.

The choice to be on your sacred path and to acknowledge the sacredness in this moment opens the gates of heaven. It is not as if the gates of heaven are closed, but rather, those gates await permission to open. Love cannot be forced. Light shines even in darkness - Light obliterates darkness! Yet, the flow of Love awaits permission to flow. Love is there. Love is present. Love is available. Love awaits. It's like turning on a light switch. With an active choice to switch on the light, one can actively choose to turn on the Light of Love within your world.

Your experience of Love, your experience of Light flows and glows brightly when you choose it. Choosing to notice one thing with gratitude enhances the flow and the glow. Choosing to do one kind thing enhances the flow and the glow. Choosing to hold sacred ground for another enhances the flow and the glow. Choosing to seek a new answer enhances the flow and the glow.

You can see this flow and glow when you look with your heart-of-hearts. Your feelings may tell you to be distressed while your heart-of-hearts tells you to sing. Which will you choose?