Whatever the physical season, the garden of your heart ever blooms with radiance and the sweet fragrance of gratitude.

Though your physical form requires rest within each 24 hour cycle, your spirit resides in an awakened state allowing constant connection with Divine Source.

Though you may emotionally require a time out here and there, your spiritual strength abides within you.

In order to tap into these resources, you merely move your awareness into a state of conscious alertness and curiosity. Instead of taking life at face value (there is value in doing this, yet for the expediency of tapping into these available resources we ask you to do things differently) bring your awareness into focus upon something clearly in your visual range. Do you see a lamp? Notice it. Do you see a window? Notice it. (You can notice what is outside the window, also, but for now, notice the window itself.) Do you see a computer screen? Notice it. Not just the words you are reading, but the screen itself. Whatever you see, notice it.

This noticing activates within your awareness the radiance, gratitude, spiritual connection, and spiritual strength that always exists. They slip unnoticed into the background, yet they abide.

What would you do with/for yourself if you fully had access to these aspects? What would you - could you do for others? When you obtain access to these spiritual aspects available to you right now.

You could speak kindness. You could know your truth. You could bring gentleness into your world. You could rephrase your thoughts to yourself into uplifting inspiration. You could discover peace and joy.

Do you feel your energy shift as you just read those words? We did! This, Dear One, is Grace.