Blessings Dear Ones.

We thank those who joined us upon the Ascension Path Study group and experienced joy, connection, and spiritual expansion. Now the journey truly begins.

We bless those who are just discovering their Ascension Path. Now the journey truly begins!

With each step you take along your own Ascension Path, you discover more about yourself. Long hidden sorrows heal and release. Current frustrations and irritations come into a new light and are released. Worry and concerns for tomorrow are bathed in the light of trust and hope and are released.

Your true and rightful expression of life is joy, peace, and compassion. Whatever else you experience that takes your attention from these qualities has little true worth within your Ascension Journey. Certainly there are tasks to be done, yet they can be done with joy. Certainly sorrow arrives and yet compassion can flow through that sorrow and allow you a measure of peace. This same joy, peace and compassion can be shared generously with others.

Life holds great tragedy and great success. The full spectrum of life offers a lot of both to each living being. Yet you are neither tragedy nor success.

You, indeed, are a bright light of hope for your world. Do you have a sense of this?

Certainly, it is easy to get caught up in the daily tragedies and successes. We hope you take time to break free from these and allow yourself time to really shine. We hope you allow the light of joy to shine from your eyes. We hope the light of peace shines from your heart. We hope the light of compassion shines from all that you choose to do.

We see this light and recognize it as The Light from Divine Source. We honor you in this shining of The Light.

We walk with you as you seek The Light on your Ascension Journey. And we walk with you as you shine The Light in joy, peace, and compassion. - The Ancient Ones