Your journey has been fraught with trials and challenges. Some you brought on yourself by choices that were ill advised. Some were gifted to you by people in your life. Still others happened due to mere happenstance.

Yet, these trials are not meant to discourage you, though you may become discouraged. These trials are not meant to harm you though you may feel pain and discomfort in the process.

These trials are not some higher being dumping sorrow and pain upon you in some sick sense of power or pleasure. May it never be!

These trials happen because you are human and walk a human path in a physical world. Suffering happens. It's all a part of the process. One person's suffering may seem terrible while others seem to skate by. This is all a part of their soul's journey and has nothing to do with their value as a being nor their power as a spiritual being. It is just the journey that has unfolded.

Why are we telling you this? So that you can put life's trials into perspective. Rather than viewing them from a point of reference of failure or punishment you can see them for what they truly are. . . a part of the soul's journey.

Yes, we know you'd like it easier. Yes, there are certainly things that you can think, say, and do that will assist you in your life's journey. You already know and are doing many of these things.

First, we would ask you to take blame out of the journey. Whatever choice led to you to here and now was the choice that you made with the information and spiritual growth you had at the time. Release blame upon yourself and move forward into a greater sense of peace and joy.

Please let us off the hook of blame as well! We did not force sorrow, suffering or pain upon you as a sense of harm or punishment. Nor did Divine Source. Life and your soul's journey brought you to this place at this time and in this way so that you could learn, grow, and assist others on the path.

We delight in you and offer our assistance to bless you and encourage you. Bring this hope into your awareness and allow yourself to be blessed by our loving concern.

We walk with you - not against you. We hope you willingly walk with us on your spiritual journey to fulfillment and destiny.