You walk a path of light. Even though you may feel the darkness around you, it is not you. Even though you may feel the darkness pressing in on you, it is not you.

You, Dear One, carry the Light within you. You, Dear One, shine brightly against the darkness.

Darkness cannot exist where there is Divine Light. Just as a candle, or a torch, or a spot light shines through the darkness and can be seen afar off, so, too, the Divine Light within you lights the way. Not only for you to see your way through the darkness, but for others to find their way as well.

To access this Divine Light, one must peer through the shadow of fear and anxiety and notice that the Light is already there - already bright. Yet, this noticing process requires your attention - your expanded awareness. One cannot see the Light with eyes of darkness and fear. Darkness and fear mock your faith. They attempt to disrupt your energy flow to and from The Divine.

Yet, they are powerless!!

The true power resides in a quiet moment of awareness. Take a moment. Take this moment. This one right now. Be aware. Allow your awareness to expand so that you notice the energy within and around you. No effort to change it. Just notice it. Notice your presence in the Universe. Without judging your presence as insignificant or small, notice that you exist. You exist in awareness and within Awareness.

Breathe into this awareness and allow Divine Awareness to breathe into you. As you inhale, breathe in awareness. As you exhale, allow Divine Awareness to breathe into you - replacing your breath with Light.

Just as oxygen that is breathed in travels through your whole body, so, too, Light received travels through your whole body expanding and brightening as it goes. Feel this Light brightening through your whole being and expanding your awareness even more.

Inhale and exhale a few more times in this way just to feel the Light expanding even more.

This Light dispels darkness. This Light illuminates your path and your journey both physically and spiritually; both mentally and emotionally. All quadrants of your being now receive and emit this Light of Illumination.

Your journey is blessed. Be a blessing. We walk with you on this Illuminated Path.