Silence is golden, they say. Sometimes this is true. Silence can be a shield to protect a weary soul.

Other times, silence is deafening and filled with sorrow. Silence can block the flow of truth from one person to another. Silence shuts down compassion and care when used as a weapon.

Yet, silence has great value for the soul searching for its own truth. Too much input from others crowds the mind and the soul on its exploration of truth. A wise person values those moments of silence wherein they seek a new perspective, or they explore a new idea.

They key with silence is balance and intent. What is the intent of silence? If its intent is to punish another, that silence hurts and causes great harm . . . perhaps as much as or more harm than saying hurtful words. Yes, take time to formulate your response to someone, yet shutting them behind the cold wall of silence unjustly inflicts injury. Saying that you are frustrated and not comfortably talking in this moment honors your need for quiet to reset your spiritual awareness and explore your boundaries while honoring the connection you have with another human being.

While making time to communicate with others holds great value, making time to communicate with one's self and one's spiritual guides also has great value. Honor both.

Have you experienced the power of silence for your own self today? Have you quieted your mind and allowed your inner voice to be heard? Have you allowed yourself moments of respite from the auditory clutter of the world?

Here you will find peace, joy, comfort, insights and awareness! We wait for you there.