Stars sing. Did you know that? Each one sings a different tone. Even your planet Earth emits a tone into the Universe.

You have a Soul Song, too. did you know that? It is a note, a tone, a vibration that your soul emits. This song is emitted whether you are happy or not or whether you are aware or not. Being happy and being aware intensifies this song as it is heard in the ethereal reams.

Your soul cannot not sing it's song. It is a part of the life-force energy of who you are. It is a part of your divine and eternal nature.

Can you change your soul song? Yes! You can!

As you shift your awareness, you also shift your Soul Song. It's like changing channels on the radio or switching channels on your music internet station. There remains a basic tonal quality that is uniquely you. Yet, this shifted song is more expansive and broader. It's like the difference between Mary Had a Little Lamb pecked out on the piano or a symphony. Both are sweet. Both have their own unique tone and feeling. Yet, the symphony is broader, richer in quality.

You will have a sense of this Soul Song as it resonates in your heart-of-hearts. Words cannot describe its depth, its range, or it's magnificence.

This Soul Song is like a field of flowers or of mint. You recognize it instantly and it sits within your memory. Other people notice your Soul Song even without you being aware of it. To them you may seem like a sunny day or a summer rain. To others you may seem to be "the one who is strong", or "the one who encourages me to find my own strength" or "the one who finds joy in everything". The essence of who you are - your Soul Song - resides in this feeling they perceive of you.

Who do you wish to become? Maybe once you were timid and shy. Now you can become the Sacred Observer - one who notices first then engages if you so choose.

We encourage you to ponder this more deeply. What is the essence of your Soul Song now? What would you like it to be? Bring more of that into your awareness and watch yourself grow and your Soul Song will too.

We hear you and we are in awe.