There is a war waging within you.

Part of you knows that you have sacred value and a distinct purpose to fulfill on your journey in the physical realm.

Another part of you feels utterly dysfunctional. You compare yourself to others and fall miserably short. 

One moment you taste the truth of who you are and the next you chide yourself for unhealthy pride. One moment you have a sense of your destiny and the next you feel worthless.

Which of these is true?

That's not really the question to ask. These are actually asking you questions!

As moments of not-good-enough show up, they ask you to consider your measuring stick. If you notice your growth compared to where you were, you measure up just fine! Certainly one can always grow more and learn more, however, noticing the growth already attained brings you support and confidence for the rest of the journey. (If you measure yourself against any other standard, you might wish to take a new look at the value - or lack of value - that method offers you.)

As you receive glimpses, or moments of awareness, of your true self and your purpose, this asks, what are you doing to fulfill the purposefulness? Even if you don't have a clear idea of your destiny at this moment, you have a glimpse of doing more and being more than your current status. As you receive a glimpse of this, notice your surroundings. A clue to your next step may be revealing itself to you. Your actions within this awareness state brings about change for yourself and for your world.

Notice. Act with kindness and purposefulness. You are a spark of change.

We delight in noticing when you notice this. It is as if the world becomes ablaze with the light of clear intent.