The physical realm and the spiritual realm work together in your behalf. Though they are separate, they are not two separate places exclusive from one another.

Certainly, one cannot walk into heaven in their physical form for a day. Yet, one can glimpse the heavenly realms with expanded awareness. And, one can sense Divine Love and Presence even in the physical realm.

Divine Love and Presence transcends the boundaries of the physical realm because Divine Source has instilled within each one a sense of eternity, an awareness of Love, and an inner knowing of Peace.

Those moments that take one out of the state of Peace causes one to loose sight/sense of Divine Love and Presence and causes a short circuit in the ability to sense/know this Love and Presence.

Slipping out of a state of Peace or Peace-filled-ness (Peacefulness) happens easily when one allow themselves to be distracted by worry, fear, mistrust, dismay and other burdensome feelings. Those feelings will come and they will go as one moves through one moment to another. Those feelings drive ones actions in many ways.

Yet, one can release those feelings as one walks through the experiences each day. Certainly, difficult things happen. It is a part of the experience of living. Your soul would have it no other way!! The soul/spirit, the eternal aspect of one's being, longs for growth and opportunity to succeed. The mind and emotions prefer to play it safe and be comfortable.

Know this . . . each time you (soul/spirit - eternal self) succeeds in overcoming a dark time, a challenging situation, or a hardship, other souls/spirits watch, learn and grow along with you. Your progress helps other souls/spirits to progress on their spiritual journey.

What is success? Even just not reacting, but rather choosing to walk in Love and Light in the difficulty -what ever it may be - is success. Turning to prayer instead of turning to anger is success. Speaking Truth rather than people-pleasing is success. An act of kindness is success (even to one's self.) A song within one's heart is success. You understand this. You know this. You are doing this!

This success within your journey blesses the world! Other soul/spirits receive a burst of energy that assists them in their journey.

You are a success, because you are still here! Each day you create hundreds of little successes that are changing your world. . . even if you do not have a sense of it yet. Your success at walking your path as best you can blesses many.

We honor you for this path of success. This success-path connects the heavenly realms with the physical plane. You are creating heaven on earth.