Your Ascension Journey has taken you far. Your willingness to awaken into your own life has been a powerful process. You’re allowing your expanded awareness to guide you and support you has blessed you greatly.

We've shared with you many techniques to assist you on your Ascension Journey. Practiced, these techniques will continue to bless you through your life of discovery.

Our vision for you is you visioning for yourself. You have the tools and the techniques to allow yourself to "see" and perceive guidance directly. You are strong enough to know when to open to Spirit contact and when to wait. You know that even in moments of duress, you can open to Spirit with a pure heart and an open mind. You also know that it is best to wait when overcome with judgment and fear-based thinking. The over-thinking mind or the over-whelmed emotions block your expanded awareness. Do you feel the truth of this?

Distress in and of itself does not block Spiritual Connection. One's attitude or state of being about the distress does block Spiritual Connection.

If you feel you are stuck in judgment of a situation being bad, certainly pray about this! God hears this and responds! However, avoid tools of divination or "visioning" while preoccupied with this state of mind as it will distort your reading. The same holds true with fear-based overwhelmed emotions (which includes rage and hate - both based in fear.)

So visioning is a high vibrational tool. You are ready for this tool with only minor setbacks into the over-thinking mind or fear-based feelings of overwhelmed emotions. Knowing that these setbacks are part of your human journey allows you to experience them and move on beyond them.

Moving beyond them allows you the opportunity to "see" that which you seek. Moving beyond them allows you to "know" that which you ask.

Moving beyond these allows you to find your answers and know the truth that will guide you.

We will see you in "The Visioning. . . "