The moment of Awakening is now. The time of expanded awareness is now. The day of healing is now. In this now time, you transcend time. Time has value for you as you flow from one event to another. Yet, for your spiritual progress, time slips into eternity - feeling as if time is suspended and feeling as if time is flying past - all at the same time.

Time restricts you not. You may feel pressured to accomplish this or that before the day comes to a close. Yet, you can expand time effortlessly with your intent. Stress and fear contract time in your perception. Please notice that as you focus upon the task at hand, time can and will expand if you let it. Constantly slipping out of focus to worry about what comes next, shuts down the expansion of time - time slips away from your grasp and you feel even more behind.

Grant yourself ease within your time constraints by applying your attention to what is at hand and releasing other tasks and duties. Tasks and duties rob you of delight and joy. Time expansion is fueled by delight and joy.

Because you have seen the hands of a clock's second hand tick quickly by, you perceive that this is the only flow of time. Moments expand as you fully engage in your activity with a joyful and delighted heart.

Next time you feel rushed or pressured by perceived time constraints, try this... select one thing to do that you would like to have completed (or have at least a good start) by the end of the day. All other things, bless and set aside in your awareness. Then your full energy field is engaged in the task you have chosen - rather than fragmented with holding on to those other things consuming your energy. Once your full energy field is engaged in the task, delight in it! You are getting to do what you chose to do! If you were enslaved, you would have no such choice. This choice is your freedom! This choice is the product of your intent! Relish this choice. Your energy field will find things to delight in along the way! Let this surprise you and delight you even further!

How does one bless and set aside?

Notice each task you are choosing, for now - for this now moment, to set aside. As you notice this task, notice that it has importance to your soul otherwise it would not even be under consideration. Thank your own soul for noticing this importance. Value your willingness to be of service or to accomplish this task. Yes, you say to yourself. This is important. Just not for this now moment. This blesses that task with your awareness. To set this task aside, tell this task, I will remember you. You may wish to make a note of this task. Set the note and the task and the awareness of the task aside by shifting your awareness away from it and onto the chosen task instead.

Know this. If some set aside task becomes urgent, it will arise in your awareness and you can effortlessly shift gears to take that on with your full intent. If it does not arise in your awareness, you have chosen wisely to bless and set aside for this moment of now.

As you do these things, time expands for you. You will find you accomplish more than you thought possible. You will also find delight and joy in the moment of now that you abide within.

We abide with you in this now moment.