We feel your dismay. We understand. We hold you and uplift you. Can you have a sense of this?

To sense this more fully, allow yourself to notice only the bottoms of your feet, your HeartSpace, and your crown chakra. It does not matter where you place your awareness first. Just notice one of these three locations and be within that space for a few breaths then add another of these locations for a few breaths and then add the third location for a few breaths. You will be aware of all three locations at the same time or you may shift from one to the next. Either way works.

Either way allows you access to a different kind of sensing. This new way of sensing allows you to be in the world, but not drowned by its sorrow or despair. It allows you to be without doing. It allows you to know without searching. It allows you a clearer perception of the ethereal realms.

Actually, a part of you exists within the ethereal realms at all times. This grants you access to that aspect of yourself - the eternal part of yourself. The awakened part of yourself that is unburdened by the sorrow of the world. It sees, knows, experiences only love, compassion, and peace.

Peace is the gateway experience of the ethereal realms. When you discover peace, your compassion for humanity skyrockets and your love for self, others, All That Is, and every created thing expands beyond comprehension. Do you have a sense of this?

If you do not have a sense of this, try the 3 locations process we described above and just notice your experience of this. Peace will be within your first awareness. Once touched, this Peace goes with you. It can be forgotten or dismissed and can be just as easily re-activated.

When you sense Peace, look for us. We are here, waiting for your awareness.