How do you currently perceive yourself? 

Distraught?  Discouraged?  Stressed?  Uplifted?  Supported?  Divinely Guided?  All of the above? 

It's true. One can both feel distressed and Divinely connected at the same time. How is that possible? There are physical aspects of your awareness and spiritual aspects of your awareness. Both can activate at the same time. This often leads to more distress because how can you trust the peace and joy that come from the Divine Connection when you can also perceive the chaos or turmoil around you.

Just know that turmoil or the absence of turmoil is not the definition of Divine Connection! Certainly, with a stronger connection, turmoil loses its grip and peace invades the heart-of-hearts which the body and mind can perceive.

The goal for the spiritual journey is awareness, rather than shut-down oblivious trudging through life. Being completely aware that there are things amiss within the environment and yet allowing peace to go the distance and uplift the being.

Whether one hides under the bed during a thunderstorm or one watches from a safe window with a curious interest, the thunderstorm will happen. The forces of nature come together in such a way as to engender stormy weather. The storm happens. Which approach to the storm brings you the most peace? And maybe even some awe at seeing the lightening flash across the sky?

You currently endure a thunderstorm of fear, hatred and turmoil. Keep yourself safe as best you can, and notice this thunderstorm with an open curiosity of how it carves its path through this century. Time will determine the ultimate outcome. Certainly your life may experience disruption, yet these experiences need not carve their way through your Ascension Path.

Within the turmoil there is peace. The steadfastness of Divine Connection overrides any turmoil. The key is finding the connection and locking in. Not like hiding under the bed, but rather facing the storm through the open window of perception.

Notice again how you perceive yourself. Distressed yet connected? Discouraged yet uplifted? Noticing both aspects allows you to perceive the truth of your experience. No hiding here. Just allow the distress to be here but not rule over you. Allow yourself to notice the discouragement without falling prey to the loss of perceived power. Within this noticing, your spirit also notices Divine Presence. Allow yourself to perceive this Divine Presence even more clearly. This Divine Presence has a message for you. Can you hear it? Can you perceive it?

Allow yourself another moment within Divine Presence.

The message is, "I Am With You." Feel this Presence even more fully.

This Presence strengthens your mind and your physical body. This Presence supports your emotions. This Presence uplifts you spiritually. By noticing Presence, you came out from under the bed to perceive it. Well done!! And you can do it again in 5 minutes when you have forgotten and have slipped back under the bedframe.

Try not to be harsh with yourself for the need to crawl under there. Divine Presence is there, too. By allowing the strengthening and uplifting, you will clearly know what action to take as is necessary for the moment . . . even if that action is to wait. Sometimes taking action - any action - temporarily relieves the perception of storm by the action of doing. Yet, without Spirit support our actions may be counter-productive. So, be within Divine Presence and notice if any action is brought to your attention. Do that. Fear will not be the boss of you demanding your reaction and distress. Instead, Peace and Hope will guide you.

You were created for times such as these. That is why you are here now. You ARE strong enough within Divine Presence. You ARE powerful enough within Divine Presence. You ARE gentle enough, kind enough, wise enough, and blessed enough to make a difference.

Within Divine Presence you feel the difference, can you not? Be that. Be the one who is different. Be the one who makes a difference. Allow Peace and Hope within Divine Presence guide your way.