When I woke up this morning, I felt a bit glum.  No real motivation to get moving.  I did anyway.  Clean sheets on the bed and yes, Delilah is learning how to get down off the bed when told and stays down!  It’s so much easier to make the bed without a critter in it.  Kitties are great for “helping” make the bed, too.  

After a bit, Phil and I took Lilah for a walk.  One park was closed, so we headed to the Columbia River.  We went to the boat dock near Sage Port Grille and found a back road near the river.  Lots of little spots where people could pull their cars in to do some fishing.  No fishing happening, so we went in and out of those shady areas.  We were surprised – pleasantly – that Lilah was very well behaved.  In one turnout, we let her get into the water.  She splashed around and ran in and out of the water.  She ventured out a bit far and practiced her dog-paddle with great success.  

Once we got home, Phil worked on the sprinklers to get them going.  As the water came on, Lilah ran up to each sprinkler and bit at the water.  She ran from sprinkler to sprinkler like a little kid.  She was soaked again!  She only ran into the house soaking wet with dirty feet once when I turned my back for a second.  Of course I had just vacuumed and mopped the day before.  She ran back outside for more sprinkler runs and kept it up as each new section activated.  

We dried her off and fed her and yup – back out for more!  Eventually, the sprinklers went off and she got a final toweling off.  Now, she’s sleeping next to the computer as I write.  Dog Tired I believe is the term.

Her exuberance teaches me a great deal.  It was an ordinary day, until it wasn’t.  We tried a new walking path and we all enjoyed it.  She explored something new and she enjoyed it.  She ran and splashed and we found great joy in watching her have fun.

When we view the world as same-ol’ same-ol’ we lose our spark of interest.  When we try something new we become encouraged or inspired or uplifted.  Watching someone or something else enjoy life opens channels of energy for joy.  

It’s so easy to treat each day just like the last, yet it is NOT!  Each day is a fresh moment of inspiration if we allow ourselves to find it.  You may not have a silly puppy to dance in the water, but life offers up joy at every turn if we just look for it.  I wasn’t really in the mood to look for joy and yet, joy showed up anyway!  I allowed myself to laugh and I allowed myself to relax into the joyful exuberance of a puppy.  

Armed with this super power of allow, I can find new joy tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a bright option.  It wasn’t this morning, but now – the hope of tomorrow brightens my heart even now.  I hope you can feel it and take it on in your life, too.

Together we can find joy in unexpected things!  May your day be blessed and your tomorrow an inspiration!