Today is here now. Are you here within it? Is your awareness lagging behind in the past or scampering ahead of you into the future?

These techniques offer great insight for the here and now, yet when indulged to excess, they rob one of the life unfolding in this moment.

Noticing what was may offer insights as to your own growth. If you notice that you are horrified at your past behavior, this signals you that you have grown! If you notice that you feel diminished by the past - lost your power momentarily to a person or situation in order to preserve yourself. This signals you that you have survived!

Bless and release these signals as they are merely smoke signals on the horizon to assist you as you decide the course of your life.

Are you sending your awareness into the future? When perceptions are trained, this skill can offer wonderful impressions and insights for your next step. The untrained perceptions merely utilize fear to search for upcoming trauma that may or may not unfold. If you find yourself scanning into the future, please take note! Ask yourself if you seek insight or directive or if you seek to protect yourself from unforseen harm that might unfold. Your intent flavors your perceptions in this realm. Only when you feel safe and fearless would we encourage you to future-scan. In a moment of calm strength, you may have glimpses of opportunities. Even so, these are possibilities within the timeline of life. The future flows and shifts with each new decision made and with each conscious step taken, so what you might perceive, might shift and change. So use this information with a grain of salt.

We would prefer that you stabilize the here and now. Bringing your awareness to what matters to you and acting upon those things with a whole heart. This grants you freedom and power. Knowing one's heart (intent/purpose) and acting from a heart-felt place of purposefullness yields great abundance for one's life.

Abundance of joy, financial abundance, abundance of healing energy for greater health, abundance of expansion and expression, and an abundance of connectedness with All That Is along with all that exists within creation.

This yields a centeredness that balances one's life and yields abundant living. This centeredness allows one to move through all aspects of life within a state of ease. Struggles fade away. Be at ease within this moment and see where that takes you.

We wait for you there.