As a butterfly emerges from the chrysalis it must wait to fly until after it's wings unfold and dry. How does it know to wait? Emerging takes energy. It has need of rest. While it rests, its wings unfold and dry. Once rested, the butterfly is ready for it's first flight. It intuitively knows how even though it has never flown previously. So, too, you may find yourself in need of rest as you emerge from your previous state of being. Honor this rest as it is vital for the rest of your journey.

Yes, you say. But there is so much that needs to be done. We understand this conundrum you humans face. Yet, you do not realize that you can rest within the emerging and still fulfill other tasks. Let us say this a different way - there is a part of you that can rest while another part of you participates in life.

There are 2 keys to this rest and participation. The first key is knowing which part of you is truly resting . . . and what truly resting truly is!! The second key is knowing what and how much to participate in life.

Key #1: Truly resting. This may be difficult for you to comprehend at first, yet it is truly simple. Truly resting supports itself in trust. When you know you are ok, you will rest even when you participate in activities. So, how does one truly trust and thereby truly rest? Trust relies upon a deep sense of knowing: Knowing you have done all you can at this moment; knowing you are loved by Divine Source; knowing you can and will face whatever comes with courage; knowing that whatever comes is flavored in your best interest; knowing that you have the power of choice and power in choice; knowing you are blessed with many things of which you are grateful. Each of these knowings allows the soul to rest.

When the soul is at rest, the body and mind can be active, alert, and productive. This true rest is not sleep nor shutting down. This true rest bestows peace upon the life force energy present within the being.

Notice your own life force energy now. It is there whether you are active or actively participating in life or just sitting quietly. Notice how your own life force energy feels. Does it feel tired, or agitated, or filled with unrest? Just notice.

Now, engage the knowings we described above. Really KNOW that you are loved by Divine Source. Know it. Feel it. Ahh. There. This is truly resting as we described earlier.

Again, really KNOW that you have done all you can do for this moment in time. For THIS MOMENT. Know it. Feel it. Yes, truly resting. Did you feel yourself breathe a little easier? We hope you did. You might want to take a deep breath and allow yourself to experience this truly resting energy.

Do you also not KNOW that everything that comes to you is flavored for your benefit? Do you also not KNOW that you, in fact, have had tremendous courage to face your life to this moment and your courage has even grown further than that! So, any new event will be faced with even more courage! Do you not KNOW the power of your own choices? Great power rests in what you choose in this moment of truly resting! Do you also not KNOW the power of your own gratitude? Yes, you do!

And as you notice these things that we bring to your attention, your moment of truly resting amplifies. Does it not? Indeed, it does. And from this place of truly resting, you can now choose what activities to engage in and which activities steal your peace. You are now more capable of wise choosing from a place of truly resting.

You have just amplified your power many times over by just reading this. Practice this and your power amplifies even more and does so quickly. What do we mean by power? We will discuss POWER at another time! For now, rest easy, Dear One. Allow yourself this moment of truly resting within Divine Power and within your own sense of peace and power.

There is so much more here for you. We have much more to share with you soon. Rest easy within the truly resting moment, Dear One.

Our love exists within this moment with you.