We have much to say to you regarding trust.

There are different kinds of trust. Trusting your vehicle will get you to work; trusting your friends have your back; trusting your intuition will guide you; trusting Divine Source will sustain you.

We wish to chat with you about trusting Divine Source. This is Trust with a capital 'T'. This Trust bases itself upon faith primarily. However, mostly this Trust is based upon past experiences. Unfortunately, it's so easy to remember NOT feeling sustained by Divine Source.

Often that feeling of not being sustained came from trusting people who were untrustworthy and then blaming Divine Source for being let down. Other times, we don't take care of our physical world - the body, the vehicle, the home and when these fail we blame Divine Source for being let down. Then there are the times when we ignore our inner wisdom and pay the consequences for that only to blame Divine Source for not guiding us.

Divine Source doesn't put struggles in your way to punish nor to harm. Struggles happen because our trust is misplaced.

This does in no way mean that no struggles will present themselves if a person Trusts. However, it does mean that Trust sustains the person no matter what the struggle! Even in darkest times, people of faith Trust and are greatly blessed.

Blessed with a steadfast spirit. Blessed with a joy-filled heart. Blessed with strength and insight. Blessed with harmony and peace. Blessed with courage and willingness. Blessed with compassion and grace.

You may say, "But I cannot take these blessings to the bank or pay my bills!" Yet, this is untrue! With Trust in Divine Source, you are granted the ability to maintain a trustworthy vehicle because you will be alert and diligent. You will discover friends you can trust because your heart will learn and you will create trustworthy friendships. You will learn to trust your intuition and it will guide you to a better job, better actions, and a better life. In these ways your Trust in Divine Source will sustain you.

We ask that you forgive and release the perceptions you may have had about Divine Source and seek a new perception of The Living Light of Love. This perception of Divine Source/The Living Light of Love is worthy of your Trust.

Begin this process by beginning to trust your inner knowing - your ring true - your heart-of-hearts. Look to it for guidance. It already knows and Trusts Divine Source because it is already connected to Divine Source.

We trust that you take this step of faith and know that we walk with you in this. Trust is a powerful tool. Pick it up. Take it on. We honor you in this.