The last few months have been interesting. I’ve noticed people are shifting and changing and ready to break free from the past. People are ready to break free from old woundedness and feeling powerlessness. I’ve also noticed that people are more fearful of trying new things as the past few years have taught us to be cautious.

We all experience situations where we feel others put us down. We feel diminished. We feel less-than and discouraged. Also, with this diminishment, other’s negativity, hostility, fear, shame, and frustration we take it on as our own. It is an equal exchange of energy. As much as we feel diminished (our energy stolen), negative energy from the other person pours into us. Yuk. No wonder we feel exhausted and icky! Sometimes it takes days to feel better, but never really feel clear or the same afterwards.

So, as I was praying about this, a process was spiritually brought to me. I tried it out with mixed reviews. I adjusted it so it was clearer. The results astonished us all! People were breaking free from some old situations and finding clarity and peace!

The process uses visualization (visioning) and energy to clear these old wounds. You do not need to relive any difficult situations to get clear of them. (Obviously, consult a licensed mental health practitioner if your situation is serious.)

First, allow yourself to sit comfortably. Reclining often induces sleep, so sitting up works best. Next, ask to be set free from old wounds and sorrows. Breathe gently for just a moment or two.

Imagine a Golden Light shining down upon you. Notice your heart-space – the chest area. Notice if it is tight. To let that tightness go, feel that Divine connection of that Golden Light flowing into your heart-space. Notice the tightness lifting as you breathe and feel safe within this Golden Light of Love. When you feel strong and at ease, continue.

Now, imagine yourself on a mountain trail. You effortlessly travel up the mountain until you are standing on a large open space – a plateau that overlooks a lush valley below. Feel the warm sun on your face. It reminds you of the Golden Light of Love already in your heart.

As you look across the valley, you see a nearby mountain range. You experience amazingly clear vision. On the tallest peak you see a large cave and in the mouth of the cave is large black box. Like the black box in an airplane, this black box contains the awareness of your entire past. You realize this black box holds energy that had been taken from you. It doesn’t matter who or how, when or why. You just realize this box holds your energy and you are ready to reclaim your energy.

You also notice some energy within you that is not your own! A heaviness or dreary spot. Perhaps it is some lie told to you earlier that you bought into. Or someone else’s anger or someone else fear, shame, or despair. You want that gone from you.

Notice the black box again as it opens. With your willingness and the power of your intent, call back to you any and all energy that belongs to you. At the same time dismiss or send away all old or negative energy from your heart-space. Say to yourself, “I hereby recall and receive my true energy.” See the Golden Light of your true energy flowing back to you in a graceful arc from the black box back into your heart-space. Notice a stream of energy flowing away from you as you say, “I hereby dismiss any negative energy downloaded to me during a time of stress.”

You will send away negative energy and receive your own positive energy back in equal measure. As you release negative energy, positive energy flows back to fill that space. Just like in the original confrontation or difficulty when you felt diminished.

When you have received and sent away all you can for now, call upon Divine Source to shine a bright white light down upon the energy threads between you and the black box. This brilliant light evaporates the energy stream connections. This part holds great value! Have you ever noticed a memory of someone pops into your mind and you feel really uncomfortable? Have you ever noticed remembering a difficult situation and feeling drained afterwards? Sometimes others can think ill of us and with that connector thread still attached, they draw our precious energy away from us again! And send you more negativity, again! Have you ever noticed that you had a random flash of memory of someone you tangled with in the past? They may have thought of you and sucked more energy from you – even from a distance! Energy has been drained off you and negativity released. So, visualize that white light burning that connection for good!

Notice the black box on the far mountain is now closed. The black box is now filled with the negative energy that never belonged to you. That energy is then healed.

Notice how free you feel! Notice the peace within! Notice the Golden Energy flowing through your whole body.

You may walk back down the mountain the same way you came up, or you may discover wings and envision yourself taking flight in your imagination. How ever you choose, allow yourself to find your way back to the here and now. Notice your breathing and your physical body. Notice how the Golden Light energy feels good and right and true.

Thank Divine Source for this Visioning Journey of Golden Light. Feel the freedom, the peace, and the joyful golden energy as you go through the rest of your day. You may wish to repeat this process whenever you feel a bit down or weary. Powerful stuff! Many blessings in this journey!

Time to bring the Love and Light! Let the Healing begin!