As this day unfolds, you are living your truth.

Truth is not only the accurate words spoken with a sincere heart, it is the pure actions as a result of a clear heart.

Are you struggling with your day? Take a look at the content of your heart. Is is filled with worry or sorrow?

Sorrow happens as this plane of existence shifts and changes: friends go away; loved ones pass; familiar things change. Sorrow becomes a natural response to these changes. Yet, sorrow carries with it love and sweetness. Sweet memories and the joy of what was. As you move into appreciation for what was, the sorrow mellows into a sweetness that offers support rather than a burden. Seek this sweetness of life and it will be discovered.

Let this sweetness fill your heart and allow you breathing room to just be. In this space of being kindness can emerge. Allow kindness to flow from you and Divine Source will send it back to you. Within this kindness flows the truth being spoken by your life.

Walk in this truth. Live in this truth. Love in this truth. This allows you to see the brilliance in others and to share your own brilliance with the world.

Shine on, Dear One. Shine on!

This light of truth, your light, illuminates the world!