As you walk your sacred path of Ascension, you may find constant distractions. It may feel as if you are alone. It may seem as if the darkness will win.

This is untrue Dear One! The constant distractions you experience is merely life unfolding before you. A part of you in child-like wonder must take a moment to observe and notice. This is not a distraction, unless it is a distraction from auto pilot. Auto pilot is much easier than noticing and being in the moment.

For the next little while, just notice what catches your attention. Is it worthwhile for you to pay attention to? Then give that experience your full attention.

Is it merely someone's attitude you notice? Notice and allow and move on. Someone's attitude is quite important to them, yet holds no real value to you in the long run. (If you are in an unsafe situation, someone else's attitude is cause for great concern and it becomes necessary to notice and keep one's self safe. Unless you are in that unsafe situation, notice, allow and move on.)

How does one ALLOW and not get tangled up in someone else's attitude or opinion. Notice the entangling energies that grab ahold of your energy field. 

Start first by noticing your clear energy field. Don't feel clear? Take a few clearing breaths. Anchor into the Earth with you intent and expanded awareness. Command the clutter to BE GONE!! Breathe a clear, fresh breath of air and notice the now clear energy field that surrounds your being.

Next, as you notice your clear energy and you have a sense of someone else's energy, notice the tendrils of attachment attempting to connect to drain your energy. Your clear energy field coupled with your expanded awareness repels these tendrils. Merely say to yourself. NOT MINE. (if you have already connected with your protector Animal Spirit Guide, this animal will use its powers to repel the intrusion of the tendrils as well.) 

These tendrils are only energy. Certainly, left attached and unnoticed, they can drain your energy field. However, with your expanded awareness and your declaration, NOT MINE, they cannot attach nor can they drain your energy.

Then, if you have a feeling that you are alone, notice again your clear energy field. It is not empty!!! It is filled with LIGHT. Divine Light! This Light has intelligence and can comfort, bless, encourage, nurture, guide and uplift you!!! 

How can the darkness win where there is so much LIGHT!!??!! 

In this Light of awareness, we abide. We walk with you as you walk your sacred path of Ascension. We honor your brave heart and your alert mind. We encourage you to use these to your own highest and best good and hope these quick techniques assist you along your way.

Many blessings, Dear One.