Your life-force energy requires food, water, clothing - all aspects of nurturance, sustenance, and support. Your energy-life-force requires nothing from you. It is eternal.

With that said, one can build or grow one's energy-life-force. By recognizing the light energy within and around the body, the energy-life-force (light) is strengthened. By honoring one's self and one's journey this inner light is also strengthened. By honoring another's path while maintaining safe boundaries so as not to disrupt one's own path or another's path also strengthens the inner light.

The greatest thing you can do to strengthen your own inner light the energy-life-force that allows you to live, thrive and flourish is this...

Tune in to Spirit - Divine Source - All That Is - God - The Holy Trinity - whatever term serves your understanding.

How does one tune in to Spirit? Find the wavelength of love. Begin by remembering how love has manifested itself in your life - A kind word spoken by a friend; a gentle touch from a loved one; a birds sweet song just when you needed to hear it; the fall colors; the summer breeze; the smell of coffee (if you like that beverage); the smell of soup cooking or a cake baking - anything that brings to you a sense of delight or a sense of joy. This is the wavelength of love.

Once tapped into this wavelength, to further expand the light being/inner light is to share this wavelength with another. Be the one who says the kind word. Be the one to offer a gentle touch to someone suffering. (This touch can me energetic or emotional rather than physical - though we all know the power of a gentle touch.) Be the one who shares the coffee or the soup. Be the one who says thank you. Be the one who encourages another on their chosen path. This caring/sharing amplifies the wavelength of Divine Love. In so doing, your inner light grows. Not just grows brighter for the moment of service, but grows in substance and depth. It roots itself in this loving wavelength and becomes stronger.

The strength grown in this way does not dissipate with outside circumstances. Whatever happens in the world does not dissolve this growth. The wavelength of love is ever present, ever flowing, and ever strengthening so being tapped into this offers continuous energetic nourishment.

Like a tree that sends its roots deep to find an underground river grows strong and tall. The winds of change cause it no disruption. The seasons offer it the opportunity to change, release, then regrow and flourish once again. Unlike the tree, who just does what it does, you can now change, release, regrow and flourish as you will. It is your choice. Your outside circumstances may offer opportunity for you as well, but the choice is yours.

Where ever you are now, what are your circumstances suggesting for you now? You can choose to flourish even when the circumstances feel barren - because you are tapped in! You can choose to release even if circumstances suggest holding on because you are tapped in! The choice is yours.

Our sincere hope for you is that you tap in to Divine Love and grow your energy-life-force light so that you may flourish and also be of service. May your light shine hope and abundance for yourself and upon all you encounter. Your light blesses many.

We walk with you in this.