We are here.

We are in this moment.

Whatever you choose to engage in, we walk with you.

Our purpose is not to control you nor to tell you what to do. Our purpose is to encourage you, bless you, heighten your awareness to see the truth and your next step more clearly.

Our walk with you holds no obligation nor duty. We are here because we choose it. Your life, your heart, your presence in this world has great value and we honor this for you.

Should you require help and ask Creator, we are delighted to assist. We in no way infringe upon your free will.

We utilize your free will to bring to your insights and awarenesses that you might have missed. When you become willing, we come closer.

We have much to share with you. This sharing includes joy.

When you tap into joy, we step closer. Even in great hardships, joy (an enduring sense of wonder and gratitude that results in expansive awareness that feels wonderful) can be found. From this space of joy - heightened awareness, much can be learned and experienced.

We choose to be here. We hope you choose joy-heightened awareness to discover the assistance available to you.

We hope you choose to open to our presence and our assistance.

We walk with you.