When you sit in prayer or meditation with uplifted hands (or hands on lap palm up) you access a greater connection for yourself. You access Divine Energy pouring down from the Heavenly Realms to bless you.

It's true that palms together over the heart is a traditional prayer stance. This wonderfully allows you to close off to the outside world and the outside distractions. The head bowed opens the back of the throat chakra to allow your spirit to speak to Divine Spirit with unspoken words. These are excellent things to do and practice.

Often in your busy world, you toss a prayer out as you are busy doing other things. These prayers are heard by Divine Spirit. Unfortunately, these prayers are not often heard by your own spirit. In the same way, you miss the answers presented by Divine Spirit to answer you or guide you.

Taking time - even a short time in closed prayer/Bowed Prayer, as time is relative only to your plane of thinking - allows your spirit an awakening within.

To ramp this up even further - if you are ready for the next step - open your heart by breathing and expanding your lungs and your consciousness. Tilt your head back just a bit (no neck injuries please! Just a small tilt!) and feel your throat chakra open - and your 3rd eye opens. Raise your arms palms up and open or rest your arms gently in your lap, palms up.

You will feel the loving energy pour down into you from Divine Spirit - Creator - Divine Source - All That Is - The One Who Is Love. This sacred energy wraps around you and through you. Welcome it. Be in this Welcoming way for several moments.

Any action you choose will thereby be blessed.

The key word here is choose. If you choose to do a thing, Divine Energy flows to you and through you into that task. Whatever that task. Both you and the task are blessed.

Should you obligate yourself out of fear or dread, this energy will not flow. Neither you nor your activities can receive this blessed energy. Not that Divine Source isn't willing, your heart-space intent of fear or drudgery has cut you off from that Divine Energy.

In any moment, you can step back into that openness, and willingness to receive. Stand (or sit) in the Welcoming and the energy will resume its flow. Your choice is a powerful thing.

We recommend a moment in Bowed Prayer followed by a moment of Welcoming.

This will bless you greatly.

Are you ready for this blessing? Are you ready to welcome it? It is your choice.