February focuses its attention upon Love.  Romantic love.  Get get all twitterpated about being in love.  And love is a wonderful thing!

Yet, love carries many aspects:  Loving someone enough to tell them your truth with kindness and gentleness; Loving someone enough to let them go – and its flip-side, loving ourselves enough to let that person go when necessary; Loving someone enough to stand strong when they falter; Loving ourselves enough to ask for help.

Love is complicated.  Because we complicate it.  Love translates into compassion and kindness with clear, safe boundaries.  If I am unclear in my boundaries, then I’m not really coming from a place of Love.  I’m coming from a place of manipulation hoping to make you do things my way.  If I’m telling you my truth with hostility and irritation in my voice, I’m not really coming from a place of Love, but a place of less-than.

Love, in its true form, becomes a sacred witness to the pain if the world without the need to tranquilize it, band-aide it, or hide from it.  Love finds a way through the pain and into being sacred ground for others to find their way.

But, that’s all airy-fairy . . . HOW does Love do that?!?

Love sees more than the pain being expressed.  Love sees through the pain being felt.  Love steps beyond the judgment of right and wrong and into compassion and “Ok, What now?”

Some of the most painful things Phil and I have had to endure in our service to The Divine Fellowship is people leaving.  People we considered friends.  People we trusted, honored and respected.  It’s sad every time.  It hurts every tie.  And yet, love allows them their journey.  Love allows them their perceptions.  Love keeps the doors open should the find their way back to us.  And Love seals the wound and binds it gently when the relationship is severed beyond repair.

Because Love is more than a feeling.  Love knows the truth that paths cross and paths disintegrate and it’s all for the best.  Some people need to slam a door shut with much shouting and hurt so they can have the strength to walk away.  Others utter not a sound but fade quietly into the past.  Love allows this journey to open, fold, unfold, close, reopen, renew, or cease.

We confuse Love with the feelings of friendship or partnership.  Certainly, Love enhances friendships and partnerships, yet Love stands above and within those experiences.  When all other physical and emotional constructs crumble, Love abides.

Whatever hardship your currently experience, bring Love into it.  Is there work for you to do to clarify a boundary?  Find your truth and speak it with clarity and grace.  “I’m willing to do this.” (then stop talking and stop doing more than you are willing to do.  Love grants your strength in this when you are clear.)  Are there words of kindness to be spoken?  Speak them.  Write them.  Whisper them.  Pray them.  Allows Love to do it beautiful work.  Are there acts of compassion to be expressed?  Do those.  do them with a willing heart and an open soul.

Love abides within you.  Love abides within every situation.  Love renews life and restores hope.  You fell the truth of this even thought Love is more than a feeling.  Love is the language Spirit whispers to our souls in each and every moment.

Listen to Love’s sweet voice and transcend into joy.  Abide in Love and Love abides in you.