My grandson, Jaden and his fiancé, Samantha took a trip to the coast awhile back. On the way, they randomly picked out words and then looked up any songs with that word in the title and listened to it. They had lots of laughs as their absurd word choices led them to some pretty weird songs.

We all know words are powerful.

Some words just seem to evoke more feelings and energy than others. The word profound causes me to pause and a sense of respect and awe washes over me when I hear or use that word.

Peace engenders rich feelings of ease and calm.

Phil and I like to make up words, too. Franticated is one of our new words. It works well when you feel frantic and frustrated at the same time.

Unfortunately, curse words are ever at the ready when we run into difficulty or smash a finger or stub a toe.

Let’s take a moment and select a word to be in the forefront of our awareness for a bit. Someone I know just claimed the word ‘sassy’ and it has really shifted her energy and the way she presents herself to the world. What energy would you like to claim, for now? You can always select a new word down the road. For now, what might be a word to support or encourage you.

‘Blessed’? Would you like to feel blessed and be blessed. Claim the word blessed as your awareness-word for now.

‘Courage’ might serve you and strengthen you.

‘Unfolding’ might bring to you some open doors or some new opportunities.

‘Fragrance’ might remind you that your kind actions overcome the vapors of fear and dismay.

‘Quietness’ might soften your perspective and ease your state of mind.

I’ve been using the word ‘glory’. Actually, I’ve doubled it up and am using glory-glory. This reminds me to be grateful when good things happen and it reminds me to notice the good things more often.

Whatever word you choose, decide to bring it in to your life frequently. Let’s say you select the word ‘harmony’. When you wake up, think—harmony– the world will respond and bring aspects of your life into harmony for you and with you. As you go about your day, silently say harmony to yourself now and then. Your body hears this word/thought and will obey and bring body systems into harmony. When you notice things in your world that are not harmonious, say the word ‘harmony’ and this verbal command shifts the energy around you and the flow of harmony can begin.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a blissful word would be on our tongue as quickly as a curse word? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this simple thing shifted the energy of the day for us? It would be wonderful. The act of being in a state of wonder would bless us richly. We would experience wonderment.

Glory-glory that would be wonderful!