Perhaps you believe that the path to higher awareness is filled with work, duty, or obligation. Perhaps you believe that in order to become enlightened you must suffer.

Certainly, those who suffer dedicate themselves more easily to a path of enlightenment because their pain drives them there. Yet, you may choose that path without the suffering should you prefer.

Is enlightenment a path of work, duty, and obligation? If one is on their ascension path, acts of service feel delightful! Tasks that require effort feel neither burdensome nor awful. Rather those activities become awe-filled.

The funny thing is this . . . whether one works at doing the right thing or does the right thing out of a joyful expression of service, the task remains the same. The perspective and the opportunity for joy and enlightenment expand when approached with an expanded awareness.

Whatever you might do to create income for yourself may appear as hardship and duty and difficulty - or it can appear and be experienced as joy and honor.

Going to work shifts from drudgery to being a blessing. Whatever task you put your hands to doing becomes sacred. With that sense of sacredness, tasks shift and take on an ascended meaning.

Whatever you choose to do this day, allow yourself to apply sacredness. Watch as the energy shifts and your day becomes a blessing to yourself and to others.

May it be so.