This festive season on Earth holds great energy for healing.

Yes, we also see the sorrow and the trauma generated around this time of year. We caution you about looking too deeply into the trauma/drama so easily seen. You cannot hide from it, yet you can choose to notice and either take corrective action or allow it to be what it is for now.

If it is out of your reach to attend to, then hold it up to the Light of Love.

This activates Angels of Mercy and their human counterparts to take action or take beginning steps of action.

You may not see these steps, but trust that - if you behold a sorrow for another and pray about it - your words are heard, and action is happening!!

You can let it go and release personal anguish. Your anguish does nothing to help and merely burden's you with more than your soul can bear. If you find an action you can take, then know this - Angels of Mercy assist you - take those beginning steps!!!

Once you have either allowed and activated mercy or have taken steps of mercy, you can focus upon the healing energy available during this festive season.

Planets align, the seasons shift, and the hope of good cheer set the stage for healing. This generation more than any before has the opportunity to utilize the lights ablaze during this season.

In times past, candles and dim lamps were all that were available to brighten the winter days. Now you experience the bright lights of trimmed trees and garnished houses as well as places of business and community centers.

This energy is not wasted! This energy can be absorbed visually and utilized energetically.

Red and green traditions for this holiday season can bring strength and healing when perceived with an awakened mind.

Blue's and purples allow compassion and peace to emerge which holds great healing energy. Along with these, white lights dance to the music and shine from many sources.

This energy absorbed visually has the capacity to clear away old pain and with it current pain.

Move from a place of just seeing to a place of beholding. Move from a place of noticing pretty lights to a place of experiencing the lights dance into your being.

Awaken and receive this blessing.

It is with great joy that we witness your reception of this festive healing energy.