An intuitive wisdom now flows to you. This wisdom extends beyond memory or learned experiences. This wisdom is Divinely sent.

This wisdom relies not upon one's own opinions nor viewpoints. This wisdom dwells within one's soul. This wisdom guides you and protects you in ways that you cannot see without looking with your expanded awareness.

This wisdom flows directly from Source. This wisdom guides you with insights and nudges along with unexpected assistance. This wisdom is within you and around you. Do you have a sense of this? The energy field within and around you holds great wisdom.

What can this wisdom do? It can yield great results with your goals as it tunes you in to see not only obstacles to overcome but opportunities to succeed. This wisdom alerts you to your highest and best good. It draws your attention away from disruptions and towards the blessings. Can you feel the truth of this?

How do you tune in more clearly, you might ask?

One word.


When you tap into the experience of hope, your expanded awareness automatically connects to this wisdom!

What is hope, really? What am I looking for?

Hope is not only the positive anticipation that things will be good, it is the assurance that you are good within the world. Hope is external and internal. Hope knows the power of good within the heart-of-hearts and the joy of utilizing this power.

Do you realize your value? This helps you access Hope. Do you realize that you are guided and blessed? This, too helps you access Hope.

Do you have a deep feeling of goodness within self and within the world (in spite of what you might see broadcast in the world)? You truly know that given a chance humans can be kind beyond belief and compassionate beyond limitations. There is goodness within each human and the capacity for even more. Notice this. See this light of goodness - maybe it is only a tiny spark in some - yet it exists. Have hope of this. See this with the eyes of Hope.

There! There is the access code to the Wisdom of Light that blesses and guides your soul, your path, your soul's path. It is everywhere and linking with your awareness now! This Wisdom, in turn, amplifies your Hope, which in turn, amplifies your connection to the Wisdom of Light!

Your guidance is here. Your protection is here. We are here.