You, in this moment exist in your physical realm and within the spiritual realms. In the physical realm, you experience your sacred path with its many lessons and practical daily living. In the spiritual realm, you experience sacred ground.

These two levels of awareness happen at the same time. You concurrently exist spiritually and physically. Whatever you choose to do, you walk on sacred ground. Even in mundane things like driving a car, choosing groceries, or doing work that earns you monetary reward. When you join your awareness of the spiritual with the physical world, your efforts become effortless - certainly energy and physical exertion happens, but any task done with this higher understanding receives blessings 100 fold.

Bringing your ascended awareness into your daily tasks uplifts them into sacred work. Do you feel the truth of this?

Practice this to yield the results you desire - peace, joy, harmony, and bliss in all that you do. Without this awareness, tasks become drudgery and filled with effort and sorrow. This drudgery sets you up for discouragement.

Allow courage to flow to you and through you by bringing sacred awareness into your actions. This is your ascension path.

We walk this path with you.