Your journey thus far has taken you through difficult places and through moments of delight.  It is our sincere hope for you that your difficult moments are brightened by your expanded awareness that grants you those moments of delight.  Where ever your journey takes you from here, we also hope that those moments of delight filter all your experiences. 

It is certainly easy to fix one's attention upon the things that are not working well or that are troublesome.  Actually, it is human nature.  However, one's spiritual nature focuses itself easily upon that which is delight-filled.  The key is finding balance between the spiritual nature and the physical nature.  Ignoring the challenges is foolish.  Ignoring the bliss is also foolish.  Noticing them both in balance grants one wisdom.  This wisdom creates its own sense of peace and harmony even in difficult circumstances.

Your natural directive to take care of the physical form asks you to be vigilant and aware of any difficulty or danger.  In and of itself, this is good and holds its own wisdom.  However, over-vigilance in this area deprives the soul of its breath of life.  Parents would not sacrifice their time and attention to care for their children if self preservation was all that mattered.  Art and creativity would disappear.  Joy and prosperity would vanish.  Life would hold little value beyond existence.

Yet, your heart desires opportunity to flourish.  Your soul desires opportunity to be of service.  Your spirit desires opportunity to soar.  These experiences happen when one sets aside the fear that accompanies over-vigilance.  Flourishing, serving and soaring happen when one steps into the harmonic that accompanies joy, creativity, and compassion. 

When you find yourself struggling with fear, notice this.  Rather than berating yourself in this, honor this.  Thank Divine Source for your survival thus far and breathe in a fresh breath of air.  As you exhale feel yourself re-center out of fear and back into your rightful state of joy, creativity, and compassion.  With your next breath notice the beauty that may be around you and notice your gratitude for the capacity to notice this.  Notice that you can still respond to your environment if needed - perhaps more so as you are not shut down by fear.  (Fear - the very thing you had counted on to assist you in survival is the very thing that blocks you from trying new things and discovering new truths to ensure not only your survival, but your ability to thrive in changing circumstances.) 

With this new perspective of expansive awareness, new insights flow easily to you.  Your rigidity releases and your willingness to try new things expands.  Your world opens up.  Not only your world, but the world around you.  As your energy unclenches its teeth and expands, others around you sense this and also relax into the moment.  Whether you feel their energy respond or not, this response happens.  We see the difference one person can make.  We see the changes one bright heart brings to a planet torn with fear.  

We honor you in this.  We walk beside you ready to assist you in this.  We whisper to your awareness of your bright heart.  Our hearts sing when you hear and respond.  We bless you and your bright heart.