You are on your way. Your journey unfolds before you.

You may, perhaps, see the same old thing. the same old work, and the same old world. Yet within this same-ness, a new-ness unfolds.

Each day you perfect your essence of being. Each day you become closer to really liking yourself - even for a few brief moments here and there.

In this noticing one's self with the eyes of awareness, you see truly for the first time. Each time you utilize the eyes of awareness directed at yourself, you perfect your understanding of who you really are.

Your perceptions become clearer and your choices become more spirit driven rather than ego (self-centered-ness) driven. 

You have always been this divine person, yet only with the eyes of awareness can you perceive yourself in this way.

This is the 'perfecting' of your being we refer to. Not the drive to be perfect, but the drive to notice from a clear awareness which leads to seeing one's self as perfected. Perfected by grace and by love. Perfected meaning without shame or regret. Rather, with humble willingness to grow.

The noticing is with perfection - there is no judgment in this awareness. Merely knowing and seeing.

From this clear place of seeing one's self as filled with grace and love, one can move forward with courage and joy. Your projects, hopes, and dreams unfold before you. Wisdom guides your words and your deeds.

For a moment, just notice yourself right now. Not the physical form. Not the deeds done or not done. Not the feelings whether they be pleasant or unpleasant. . . notice YOU.

It may feel a bit tricky - who is noticing and what am I noticing? Just be with the noticing for a moment longer.

Within this noticing there is peace. Those external conflicts and challenges your physical, mental, and emotional beings experience can be viewed from a neutral perspective. Within this neutral perspective rests your spirit.

Your spirit connects directly to Divine Spirit/Source/Creator.

Notice this connection. Notice the power under the surface that awaits your command. Notice the joy within the power that sits in readiness for your awareness. Notice the love that flows through all of it.

Herein resides your essence of being.

Beautiful, isn't it?!

We are here with you.