We long to share with you the value of your worth. You have great value, Dear One!

Yet, you seek your value reflected back to you in the actions of those who are wounded and broken. They cannot reflect back to you anything but their own brokenness.

As water flows down a stream, we ask that you allow their responses to you to flow away from you effortlessly. It is a tendency of humanity to hold on to other's responses as evidence or proof of one's value or lack thereof! This holding on causes your great pain, Dear One.

From our perspective we see a bright light that is you. We see this light beaming peace, joy, hope, and kindness (to name a few) in every direction.

We also see saddened and wounded ones absorbing this light as a means of their own survival. They do not realize that accessing Divine Source strengthens them far better than absorbing your light. They do not realize that their criticism of you or their negativity about their own life draws light from you. They merely seek to make themselves feel more alive.

How does one protect their own light? By refilling it often. The light within is a measure of Divine Light from Source mixed with the light of your own being. The more Divine Light from Source that you infuse within yourself, the more of that light gets absorbed and less of the light of your own being.

Let us say this a different way. You are of the Light. There is a Divine Aspect to you. Yet, you also have your humanity and your own personality. If all you were was Divine Light, other's opinions, actions, or responses would have no effect upon you. It is the humanity that you are that responds and feels the drain of energy.

By knowing that there is a Divine Aspect within you (this if faith, Dear One) you stay connected to that limitless Light.

The key here is staying connected in your awareness. Other's attitudes and actions pull your attention from your faith-truth and pull you into your humanity. It is with purposefulness and intent that one reconnects to their faith and allows Divine Light to fill the energy drain.

Often that awareness happens after the drain has occurred. One knows the brokenness and sorrow of another has drained them. This is okay! The key is to recognize this as soon as it happens and replenish one’s self with Divine Light as quickly as possible. Releasing what was said or done - or not said or left undone just as the stream of water flows away from you as we spoke of earlier.

Soon you will notice sooner. Then you can direct the flow of negativity away from you while the drain is happening. You will draw to you refreshing energy of Divine Light in the moment, as well.

Your faith will make you whole.

And, whether you know it or not, your faith helps the wounded and broken one by feeding them Divine Light. The Light-Truth energy will be there for them to grasp should they so choose to notice it. You may or may not ever see this, yet what a blessing to create an opportunity for change for another human being. This is your faith at its finest.

Shine on, Dear One! Shine with Divine Light as you release the negative, that energy flows away from you effortlessly. In this, you will see your faith-truth of your own great value.

 We honor you in this.