Your heart longs for fulfillment. Yet, you might not know what that is or how that looks. What the heart finds fulfilling may seem trivial or minor so you may skip over the heart's desire looking for fulfillment in other places.

Looking for fulfillment in places other than what the heart holds dear often brings disappointment and sorrow.

Pleasing others can be a kindness, but if you think you must do that in order to be fulfilled, you will find disappointment over and over. Certainly, there holds a great deal of joy in seeing a smile on someone else's face. Yet, if your joy is dependent upon making another smile, the yield will disappoint you.

Rather, look to what brings you hope. Hope is a bit elusive, yet powerful. Hope yields great dividends in one's life. Hope generates from not only a grateful heart, but a heart that focuses upon its own fulfillment. Hope is a bright star that awakens a deep resonance of joy within you.

Hope is different than an expectation. An expectation is the assumption of an outcome. Hope is joy-resonance whatever the outcome. Hope is the light of love that generates joy in whatever circumstances may present.

Hope fulfills itself. Hope for clarity - clear insights appear! Hope for better relationships - balance between vulnerability and authenticity awakens. Hope for financial abundance - steps emerge to take you to a new path that leads to abundance. Hope for recognition - seeing your own worth wells up from within you. Once you see your own worth, others do, too. Hope for improved health - healing energy flows to you and Divine Guidance awakens you to a healing journey.

Look for those things that really matter to your heart. Put words to your hopes and allow Divine Source to awaken you and guide you into the flourishing garden of your own heart.

We wait for you there.