You are walking in the Light, Dear One.

Your journey may feel dark because there, indeed, is darkness in your world. Just because you can see/experience the darkness does not mean that darkness has taken hold nor does it mean that darkness rules. It merely means that you can perceive it.

Let this perception register and then release it. You are not tied to the darkness. It cannot overwhelm you. Your fear can - if you let it. Yet, that is a choice. Choose to notice the Light and more Light becomes visible to your awareness. Choose to see darkness and your fear will show you even more of that.

What is your choice? Choose now. Choose to see/experience Light and more is gifted to you. This is what you desire, yet old habits of fear call to you and pull at you to return to sensing darkness.

Fear is a mechanism that was created to help you keep yourself safe from harm. Yet, unchecked, fear creates a different kind of harm that steals your joy and your physical well being.

Choose joy. Choose the Light. Choose Peace. Choose the Light. Choose Courage. Choose the Light. Choose kindness. Choose the Light.

All the things you desire are in the Light, Dear One. Create a habit of choosing the Light and the qualities of the Light. As fear pulls at you, choose again. Thank the fear for notifying you of your surroundings and choose to walk in the Light.

Your Light-Walk is a precious thing. Value it greatly. Your Light-Walk blesses you and gives you everything you desire and more. Your Light-Walk is a moment to moment adventure. You live in the now and the Light is now. Your walk is now. Your path is illuminated by Light that shines through your willingness to notice the now and the Light.

The extra blessing here is that as you walk your Light-Walk, Light shines through you and illuminates the path for others. Their path may not be the same as yours, but as you walk your Light-Walk, this opens an opportunity for others to see the Light on their path. It creates an opportunity for choice for them that they may have been oblivious to without you walking your Light-Walk.

When you walk your Light-Walk, we see you as brightly shining beings of Light and Love. As you brightly shine, your energy uplifts the energy around you. Even the floors and walls where you live and work begin to glow and flow with Light. This resonance of Light lingers long after you have moved on. What a gift that you give! This Light-Resonance uplifts others in ways you cannot know.

If you could only see yourself as we see you . . . a bright light being on a path of light, lighting the way for others. Do you have a sense of this?

Next time you find yourself faced with the choice of fear or Light, notice how much brighter the room becomes when you choose Light.  Feel the energy flow even now, through your body and out into the room where you are reading this. Even when you walk out in nature, your Light-Walk blesses the earth, the wildlife, and the plants around you. You feel their energy as it blesses you. Now notice how your Light blesses them as well.

We walk with you in your Light-Walk adventures. Shine on, Dear One. Shine on!