Seeking clarity in your life?  

The following are images of Oracle cards created by members of the Divine Fellowship.  Take a moment to relax and then intuitively select one card from each row:  one from the green path row, one from the purple crystal row, and one from the blue angel row.

Read below, to receive the message for the cards you selected!  How do these messages apply to your life now?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the images in these cards. Their messages are below.

The Green Path Row - How to walk your sacred path.

From Janice Lynch's Path of the Sacred B*tch Oracle Cards  

1. Get Real - You can really get there from here with authentic living. Be true to yourself.

2. Dismiss the Inner Brat - He's stealing your sacredness. Apply child-like wonder to your situation.

3. Laugh it Up - It's a fun ride if we allow ourselves to find laughter.

4. Choose from the Heart - That's where the power is! True power resides here. Listen to your heart.

The Purple Crystal Row - What energy to bring in.

Adapted from Beth Clark's Sacred Stone Oracle Cards

1. Courage - Take control of your situation. Allow yourself to shine. (The energy of Bronzite) 

2. Be Yourself - Being true to yourself builds willpower, courage and determination helping you transform ideas into action. (The energy of Red Jasper)

3. Focus  - Take time to get grounded. It will help you when you're feeling scattered or unfocused. (The energy of Hematite)

4.  Creative Strength -  Do those things in life that help you feel more energized. Keep working towards your true goals. (The energy of Carnelian)

The Blue Angel Row - Spirit's message to you.

From the Mastery Oracle Deck - (Messages from Rochelle Brundson, Beth Clark, and May Sheriff)

1. Family are those we hold dear.

2. Stand on sacred ground.

3. Follow the path that brings you joy.

4. Synchronicity happens even in stormy times.