You walk a sacred path. A path that is sacred to you. Others may not notice nor appreciate its sacredness. At the same time, you may not notice nor appreciate the path that is sacred to them.

The goal is to journey toward ascension rather than attaining approval. Like-minds may find joy and comfort from you as you walk your sacred path. Those of differing intent may feel disconcerted by your journey. Allow them to be where they are. Their path is not yours to walk and neither is your path theirs to approve or disapprove.

With this said, we encourage you to find like-minds. This grants you encouragement along the way. The ascension path offers inspiration and creativity. Having encouragement grants a greater flow of this inspiration and creativity from Source to you and through you into your actions.

You may feel as if you are a rose bush that has been transplanted out of the shade and into the sun. A rose cannot bloom in the shade, yet it yields abundant flowers as it stands in the sun. You cannot thrive and bloom without access to the inspiration and creativity you desire/require.

It may feel safe in the shade because you are used to it. Your roots may be disturbed once you transplant yourself into a new environment . . . this may require time for you to establish yourself in your new community. Allow yourself this time. Allow the sun to warm you as you set your roots deeply into your new haven. Friendships will happen. Joy will come. Inspiration will flow.

You have no idea how empowered your life will become - is becoming: for some reading this have already endured the transplantation process and are thriving within the flow of creativity and inspiration. Lean further into this process of transplantation and allow yourself to take root and receive blessings. Love flows to you now.

We join you in this flow.