Your Heart-of -Hearts speaks to you. It speaks to you all day long. Can you hear it? Can you perceive it?

It speaks the language of longing and of fulfillment. It speaks to you in feelings of hope and joy. It communes with you with outpouring of kindness and compassion.

When the Heart-of-Hearts speaks to you, you may find yourself experiencing discontent. This discontent is a signal that your Heart-of-Hearts has a message for you. Stop and listen. Listen not with your mind, but rather listen with your soul.

Your soul can hear this sweet voice and the soul knows what to do. The mental musings of your expectations merely confuse the issue - notice this mental musings and let them flow past and look for a response from the soul. You can and will hear the message presented!

If you feel discomfort or dismay, notice beyond this dismay. Notice into the eternal aspect of your soul. It knows the Truth of who you are and what you came here to do. It knows the way. . . the way to safety, the way to joy, the way to fulfillment.

The soul sees the bigger picture and it sees your place in that picture. It sends you glimpses - so as not to frighten you by the magnitude of your value. A glimpse here and there allows you guide posts and mile markers to guide your way. The path to the next step (and beyond) shines more brightly than other options - when one looks.

Looking requires insight not merely visual sight. Looking and noticing are figures of speech to indicate a sincere scan with one's awareness. Look, notice, see your life as it is right now, and receive insights for the next steps.

Have courage. Courage to notice and see. Courage to take the next step.

We walk with you.