Our electric car is down for a bit. It blew a part that allows it to receive a charge from our home charging station. We have an appointment to get that part replaced at the dealership in about 4 weeks. In the meantime, we are driving our other gas powered car.

We’ve talked in the past about recharging our own batteries and sometimes it’s a bit difficult. We feel as if our charger is broken. We can do all the right things . . . Eat right, plenty of rest, listen to good music, avoid toxic situations, be grateful, be kind and we still feel depleted.

On this website there are several techniques (Visioning Journey of The Golden Light is one) that could help you.

Today, I’d like us to focus on our eyes and our vision—what we see and what we envision. The Good Book says that the eyes are the windows of the soul. That’s why we feel so good when we look out at nature - a flower or a waterfall, or look at a new born baby. Those things that we see are emitting energy that blesses our soul.

So, I encourage us all to find the beauty in life to look at from time to time. This beautiful energy refreshes our soul in ways other techniques cannot. At the same time, it’s important to turn away from observing and/or witnessing distressing things as these can drain our energy pretty quickly.

Drained people tend to be cranky and negative. Don’t be one of those! Go look at a flower! (Lol)

When we look at someone with kindness in our hearts, that kindness energy is emitted from our eyes, our heart space, and our 3rd eye. If we say kind words to go along with that, our throat chakra also emits the energy of kindness. What a blessing to emanate such energy! That energy blesses them and it blesses us.

Phil just walked in the door and had this very experience! I stopped typing to hear what he had to say. Here is the story he just shared with me.

It was right around 5:00 when he left the house and really didn’t want to go to the hardware store yet again! For just screws none the less! But in order to finish his project he had to have screws. Well, when he got to the store, he told himself to stop being cranky and to be happy. When he got to the check out, the gal there was in a wheelchair. She asked if he was ready and he said yes, if she didn’t mind. She said as long as he wasn’t in a hurry because she had to navigate around the checkout stand with her wheelchair. Phil smiled and said (you know Phil!), “well, you’re just sittin’ around anyway.” Both of them chuckled and had a lovely conversation after that. She shared some of her experiences being handicapped and Phil shared his experiences with others who are handicapped.

His intent was based on choosing to be happy in whatever circumstances he found himself. His intent was to share joy if he could. When he engaged in that light hearted banter with the checker, both of their hearts felt lighter. The checker smiled and Phil walked away with a brighter heart as well.

Like Phil, sometimes we find ourselves pushed to doing something not fun. We get to choose whether to be cranky about it or to shift into a light-hearted state of being. Once in that light-hearted state of being, share with eyes of kindness and words of kindness and the whole world shifts! Try it! Feel the energy flow from your eyes, and your being. Feel your own energy amplified in return.

Bless and be blessed.